Covr Security

The Covr solution allows organizations to offer their users a highly secure and password-free authentication and verification solution. The technology is globally scalable, enabling you to offer your customers or employees a truly user-friendly security solution, for both the digital and physical world.

Flexible branding options

Choose branded requests within the Covr app or add the Covr authentication functionality to your app through our Software Development Kit (SDK).

Multi-factor authentication

As a service provider you decide the minimum security level for user authentication (e.g. passcode), but the end user can always opt to have a higher threshold by setting the parameters themselves (e.g. combining passcode with biometrics or defining a max level of spend before extra authentication is needed).

Seamless authentication

Once a request is approved the user is granted access. No need for copy-pasting one-time passwords or going through extra security steps. The security level is multi-factor, but the user experience is password-free.

Layered security

Patent pending technology containing a combination of a standard PKI token and random length, device unique and session unique, tokens ensures only the right user can authenticate a request.

Easy user activation

iOS & Android app with self-explanatory onboarding process, and minimum need for extra support functions to larger groups of users.

Customizable area

Interactive and media format independent communication to your users. You have the possibility to present a static or interactive dialogue with the end user, which could be a video stream, document or a text description.